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My name is Arian. I am 23. Living the quiet life in the Texas Panhandle. Studying Art History at WTAMU. Antiques & Vintage lover/dealer. Oh, I also make stuff...

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Once I get the layers of colors laid down all around the face I’ll work on that damn eye and add some oil pastels for added texture. I reeeeeeeally like how this is turning out. I’ve had this damn painting for two years and I am going to FINISH IT TODAY!!!!!


Ten Pages from my Art Journal 2013

The fact that this got 100 notes makes me want to get back to this art journal! Thank you!!

Im stumped with the painting I’ve got going right now…So what do I do? I start planning a new one.

I was inspired by some old “Turning Figure” drawings I’d done in Drawing class last year.

Time to get started. Maybe I should get off of Tumblr.

It’s getting there!

I’ve gotten the dishes done and the groceries bought, so my to-do list has only one thing on it for the rest of the week.


I have been thinking about this all day, specifically this area of the painting. But I have been stuck at work, and when I finally get off Im too tired to pick up a brush.

Need. Coffee.

The in-between stages before I had added the female form. Right about here I got stumped (and hungry) so I ate and came back to it. I got sick of staring at it and started adding a few floating hands and then an arm and hand covering his eyes and then I just saw the face. I could see her resting her chin on his head, a shoulder, then a draped arm. The face at the top right was completely lost to her, it became an abandoned idea because it never took shape as aggressively as the female figure did. I couldn’t see it go anywhere like I did when I drew in the arm, it just never evolved into anything. In the end, the face was just another casualty in this painting.

My new painting is morphing into something unexpected. Its a living work. Everytime I come back to it, it changes and gives birth to a new idea, a new possibility. I’m still not done with it just yet. I want to see how far I can take it. I have photos of the progress, and each stage looks like a different painting. Each snapshot could have become a completed work on its own, but sometimes when a work transforms itself like this one has, its hard not to see what it will become.

I need to get a camera. Or just a better phone with a good camera. This is my owl painting. I actually started it last semester, hated it, abandoned it, and re-adopted it after Christmas break. Now it is finished and going to live with a coworker of mine. Cause it was so easy and simple and essentially had no emotion what-so-ever tied to it. I just wanted to paint an owl.