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My name is Arian. I am 23. Living the quiet life in the Texas Panhandle. Studying Art History at WTAMU. Antiques & Vintage lover/dealer. Oh, I also make stuff...

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I am a selfish maker.

It took me a very long time to realize this, to recognize this piece of myself.

I do not make for recognition nor do I make “Fine Art”.

What I make, what I do, is basic survival.

I make because I feel so much.

I never wanted to make others feel, I am selfish like that. I made this thing because my soul is a bottomless pit and I am hungry; I am devouring life and this is how I can let it escape.

— 出典:The Selfish Artist -abn



Today in ceramics. Made more but I didn’t get many pictures. I always feel weird taking pics of my stuff at this stage because none of it will look like this once I’ve trimmed and glazed it all!!

My little white-walled apartment is coming along finally. Still have much more to do. I’ve gotta hang curtains soon!


My Sketchbook

I’m gunna be working in this baby today.

I am so fickle today. Maybe it’s the rain, but parts of me feel ready to explode. I sit on the couch to calm my nerves. I don’t even know why I’m nervous. I can’t source it.

I want to read, but the words make me impatient. I want to listen to music and have a beer but the music seems hollow. I want to paint some but the task seems too daunting. I have commissions I need to finish but my heart isn’t in them.

Being this way; a creative, is a blessing and a curse. I wonder how normal people function with their normal tasks and simple interests. I wonder how they can sit and watch tv without having their minds wander. I wonder about a life with my head down on Earth instead of up in the clouds.

Today I’m fickle, but at least I still feel.

— 出典:abn

The problem with trying to have a more healthy social life is that you have to sacrifice your personal work. Sometimes its great to get out of the apartment and be with people but sometimes its nice to turn off my phone and just put things down on paper. Or canvas….

I’ve got a good friend moving to Snyder this week, so as soon as I’ve sent her off well I will be able to focus again! I miss working on my art. I miss paper and inks and paints and brushes.

I didn’t get it quite right and the fine arts student inside of me is miffed that I’ve done a classic split-in-the-middle landscape using very complimentary and Arian-Typical color pallet.

But I don’t care. I have to remember to do that. I have to remind myself that I’m doing this for me and if I want a landscape split in the center than that’s what I’ll draw.

I do this for myself. I do this for my sanity. I can’t keep beating myself down. Just keep drawing and that is a challenge.

Now that I look at it I wish I had stopped here…..

Well she’s getting there…. I need to eat.


Once I get the layers of colors laid down all around the face I’ll work on that damn eye and add some oil pastels for added texture. I reeeeeeeally like how this is turning out. I’ve had this damn painting for two years and I am going to FINISH IT TODAY!!!!!