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I didn’t get it quite right and the fine arts student inside of me is miffed that I’ve done a classic split-in-the-middle landscape using very complimentary and Arian-Typical color pallet.

But I don’t care. I have to remember to do that. I have to remind myself that I’m doing this for me and if I want a landscape split in the center than that’s what I’ll draw.

I do this for myself. I do this for my sanity. I can’t keep beating myself down. Just keep drawing and that is a challenge.

Now that I look at it I wish I had stopped here…..

Well she’s getting there…. I need to eat.


Once I get the layers of colors laid down all around the face I’ll work on that damn eye and add some oil pastels for added texture. I reeeeeeeally like how this is turning out. I’ve had this damn painting for two years and I am going to FINISH IT TODAY!!!!!

Today is Sunday

And I think I should paint but I haven’t in awhile and I’m afraid for some reason. So, until the fear passes I’m going to be reblogging some amazing Claude Monet Appreciation because he was amazing and his paintings speak to me ok!!!


Gustav Klimt, drawings

I’m sorry but these are just beautiful.

Same glaze as the vase but came out more green. The firing was fun. We only had time for two loads so I was glad I was the only one who came to help fire. Meant I got my stuff fired first!

This one came out alright but with an “ugly” side.

Thrown on the wheel.

Had a pretty good raku fire last night.

White crackle vase. Thrown then carved.

My last class was Tuesday and now I have a summer to look forward to. Im very sad that ceramics is over, but fortunately I can take ceramics III next semester and have it count towards my degree. Its funny, really, because I was originally going to be a 2D studio arts major…something happened along the way and I chose art history and ceramics II was the only thing I could get into last minute.

So here I am thinking to myself…maybe I want to pursue ceramics. I used to feel guilty about skipping around like I do. I throw myself into a medium until I’ve gotten it down and then I move on. I figure its like building a portfolio of skills that I can later combine and use all together. There’s something about clay that’s made me change gears though. I was a 2D artist. I painted and drew but here lately I haven’t done much of either…unless its to sketch an idea for a vase down. When I feel creative I crave clay in my hands over a pencil or pen or brush…

What to do…what to do?


Ten Pages from my Art Journal 2013

The fact that this got 100 notes makes me want to get back to this art journal! Thank you!!