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My name is Arian. I am 23. Living the quiet life in the Texas Panhandle. Studying Art History at WTAMU. Antiques & Vintage lover/dealer. Oh, I also make stuff...

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I’m a word that no one ever wants to say.

-Brand New//

In the studio.

My process and the beginning stages of the 2nd part of my Rolex painting commission for Mr. Jeweler.

This is my Crow Card. The Corax. Front and back.


So this May I will have graduated with my Associates….in art.

How very useful.

And I was planning on going off to get my bachelors, but financial aid is a bitch, someone in my household was fired from her job for immoral reasons (coughmothercough), and grants are based off of the PREVIOUS year’s gross income… which is useless because the previous year won’t pay for this year.

Kinda hate how that system works, but what can you do?

I might delve off on another path, take a year off (because I can’t pay for it out of pocket), and do a shit ton of drawing/painting. And get a better job, which would be a plus, because then I can put “Associates Degree” on my resumes and hopefully better fish will bite.

ALSO! Im moving in less than two weeks.

Lot’s going on. Lot’s to think about. And it’s time to get my ass up and in the shower for work today.